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Choosing a website builder for your eCommerce website

Are you looking for the best way to build an online store/eCommerce website? Most experts agree that using an eCommerce website builder is the best solution regardless of the size or type of your business. The good thing is that the Internet is loaded with excellent solutions. But, the high number of solutions may create confusion in some users especially the ones that are new to this. This is the main reason why we have decided to create a short list of best website builders that you can use for the creation of an eCommerce website.


We will begin with Shopify as one of the most used eCommerce platforms and website builders for modern businesses. In order to save time and energy, Shopify provides access to dozens of templates that you can adjust to your needs. Thousands of stores around the world including stores in the United Kingdom, India, and Australia are using Shopify. They are more than satisfied with the benefits that this platform brings like an excellent shopping cart with many features, unlimited bandwidth and products, good SEO tools (most of them are automated), product management tools, a variety of Shopify apps for extra functionality and more.


Wix is another website builder that deserves your attention in case you are planning on launching an eCommerce website. It’s used all over the world and powers millions of sites. With the right approach, you can create a website in a matter of minutes. This is possible thanks to the simplified, yet effective drag and drop feature. With Wix, you can expect access to professional customer support which is available 24 hours a day. Just like in the case of Shopify, you can choose from different templates and many of them are free. This platform allows you to create mobile-friendly eCommerce websites.


Weebly may not be exclusively focused on eCommerce sites, but it’s still a great option for online business owners. This is a solution that offers a wide range of features and options like adding filters for improved searching and adjusting tax rates depending on the location of your customers. If content marketing is important to you, then you will find the integrated blog feature very useful. There are also tons of SEO tools that you can use to improve your search engine ranking. You can use the free version of Weebly or try some of the paid versions.

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